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About Us:  We are Long Island's Best Data Integrators!  We Wrote the Book!
Your Data Center Provides Quality Hosting Services at Great Low Prices!
About Poseidon:  More Than a Myth, His Ideas Shaped the Modern World!
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 Welcome to Your Data Center!

My name is Al Thiel, the owner. I am best described as an Internet Pioneer. When something new comes out chances are I have already used it, helped design it or have debugged it in some way. Some things seem too risky and I just will not trust them. That's just me!

Over the years many companies in New York City and throughout Long Island have to come to trust me for their networking and security needs. My name is well known and respected by the engineers and technical staff of companies like Verizon, AT&T, Qwest, Sprint, Cablevision, Covad, Keyspan, TELX, XO, Focal/Broadwing, IBM, Cisco, Checkpoint, Netopia, BroadXent, SonicWall and many more. I have worked closely with all of them at one time or another.

Here are some interesting facts about the INTERNET..

The INTERNET kicked-off about twenty years ago when the government wanted to unload an old network it no longer had use for. That network was called DARPA. After this transition it was known as Arpa-Net. Only Universities were allowed to access it at first. Much later came the new access providers (called ISPs). Something was happening, but no one was quite sure exactly what that was as of yet. All eyes were on this new and still unexplored technology.

Suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere the early INTERNET was born! It was amazing! In the beginning the entire downstate New York region was served by just a few pioneers who had a vision of what would become the greatest thing that has ever existed to date. A world where everyone was connected together! Those early networks were SPEC.NET, LI.NET and PANIX. I believe only the first of those, SPEC.NET still exists. That, by the way, is where I started!

Among SPEC.NET's first customers were SPRINT (the phone company), GANNETT (the media company behind USA Today) and more. They even connected Cold Spring Harbor Labs. SPEC.NET is now a part of ACCESS HIGHWAY who I still support and help out from time-to-time. When things get tough I always come in to rescue them. We are friends for all time, and I recommend them highly for Dialup in all of Downstate New York and Nationwide DSL and T1 circuits.

The INTERNET began on 56k and T1(1.5mb) lines and the end-users like you were connected by dialups on modems at 2400 baud (slow-motion at best even with text). When 9600 and 56kbps modems came about it was considerably faster, but still nowhere near the speeds of today, and the speeds of tomorrow!

Then it happened all over again! A rebirth! A graphical interface to it all. PRODIGY introduced a graphical browser using an old Ham Radio imaging protocol called NAPLPS. Boom! Internet Explorer and Netscape were born next. From that moment on the INTERNET was no longer a text-based world!

What unfortunately and unavoidibly came next was SPAM! Where there is money to be made there will always be those who will go after it, no matter what laws they violate. I was among the first to begin to block the various types of SPAM, creating two new rulesets for Sendmail to stop mail relaying.

Now pretty much all of the email you get is either SPAM or loaded with viruses, with some fifty percent of the computers on the Internet currently infected and part of botnets. Those people with better ISPs that care about their customers fare much better and beat these odds significantly every day!

Here at YOUR DATA CENTER™ we successfully remove at least 99 percent of the SPAM/UCE and 99.99 percent of the viruses BEFORE you even have a chance to get them and become infected with viral garbage! We take SPAM even more seriously now than in the early days, and for good reason too. Everything from your bank account to nuclear power plants is connected to the Internet. We have to protect this entire infrastructure and preserve what we have before it is too late and all is gone. It CAN happen! (No, I didn't say Global Warming!)

Now you know where came from! We've been here since the beginning, under different names, and working for different ISPs. Now we work for you! Everything from the Internet itself to it's users and it's very content was created step-by-step by people just like us. We saw it all, and we made it all! You are welcome to join us and use safer email, quality hosting, better more secure office networking, data integration and more. You can also purchase domain names from us directly at very low prices! We also provide Voice over IP services and voice/data integration with a full PBX in your office, or in ours remotely.

Just like the INTERNET, created by people like us who had a vision of the future, what we can do together is all up to your imagination!

You can have it all with Your Data Center™

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Now, About Poseidon... More Than a Myth!

Your Data Center™ Provides Quality Hosting Services at Great Low Prices!
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